this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it



@cdmnky I don't see the problem: you opened a feature request, but it was rejected and Gargron explain why. Of course, you have the right to not agreed with him, but anyway this is his project.

About the deleted comment, I can't say, but apparently it was rude.

@clov the problem is he censors criticism, and he's removing core features of the platform (namely local instance timelines)

my fear is that if it's removed from the app, it'll later be removed from mastodon itself, and it would kill instance communities

@cdmnky @clov Beautiful thing is you can fork it and then have something better, like people did for rich text support and longer post limits. Mastodon might crumble because he can't see past his own unmanageable instances, but people are isolating them these days anyway for being unmanageable and maybe that's the biggest irony of all: the fact he wanted to control a thing and found himself completely unable. He's going to end up a smaller Twitter while Fedi moves on

@bluestarultor @cdmnky @clov ...well, you can only use a fork if you're not, like, using a Mastodon hosting service that handles the technical sysadmin stuff for you.

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