Potentially undocumented: You can verify your Mastodon profiles via <link rel=me> in the HTML metadata block.

Useful if you want this on every page, but invisible.


@ctietze of course it's documented.

But it's not specific to Mastodon (in fact, you can link your website to any social profile that way), it's more generic, so the documentation is here : :blobnomcookie:

@clov Ah, so what you're saying that this works is because rel-links can be implemented in multiple ways, and that's it?

Makes sense from a semantic stand-point.

Doesn't automatically mean the tool that reads the info does this "as expected by HTML specs" :)

@ctietze actually, the "tools" who read this kind of informations are mainly google's. ><

@clov Also I believe I lost a couple points of IQ trying to parse the specs you linked. There's so much stuff 😅 But the hints there are enough for me.

@ctietze Too few "webdev" really read the HTML[5] specs.

And don't read the ActivityPub/ActivityStreams specs: they're worse. ><

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